A New Year

January 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
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Happy New Year, Y'all!!

As I contemplate the possibilities of 2018, I think about the blessings received and lessons learned over the last year, and I look toward a year of growth and change.  While the New Year heralds vows, resolutions, and great intentions for most, I ask myself what will I do this year that will really matter?  My resolutions may last a good solid 3 days, and then what?  And why even?  I evaluate my life, both personal and professional, and pray to God that I get it right this time lol... you know EXACTLY what I mean so don't even act like you don't ;-). 

I am going to just be bold and put a few things out there, and I hope some of you will be encouraged to share some of your thoughts in the comments.  As Hermione Granger once said, "Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself."  Profound words from such a young lady.  I realize we aren't on the cusp of battle with Voldemort and the dark side, but I believe it helps us greatly to say something aloud- to just get it out there.  I believe it is important to set realistic goals, to make promises, to commit. 

I want to learn to love my God more dearly, to see Him more clearly, and to follow Him more nearly.  I want to be like the birds of the air who don't question where their next meal is coming from.  When I pray, "give me this day my daily bread," I want to understand what that really means... just enough for today, Lord.  I want to grow toward the point where anxiety has no power over me (yes, God has His work cut out, but thankfully nothing is too hard for Him).  I want to be there for my family and loved ones, to love them as myself and to give them my best ME, especially my children who did not ask to be here on this earth.  I want to better appreciate the journey instead of missing things along the way in my haste to reach the destination.  

Professionally, I want to serve my clients to the best of my ability.  For me, this means photographing all aspects of life through the years.  I want to know my clients and be a friend, to preserve memories for families and their future generations.  I want to strive to become better at seeing light and capturing emotion, as well as continuing to learn the technical aspects of my craft.


Shannon Dale PhotographyMaria and Michael's Vowbook  


I know this post has little to do with actual photography, and I promise to make up for it in future posts.  I have wrung my hands over the pressure of The.First.Blog.Post.Ever. and procrastinated as long as I could, but it just seemed fitting that the first post ever fall on the first day of a new year.  I hope it helps your wheels to start turning about your life as well- what do you want from life this year?  What should you expect from this blog? I honestly have no idea lol... so we will journey together and I look forward to growing and going with all of you!    

PS.  Don't judge my use of punctuation and grammar.  It's pointless.  And I realize the last line sounds a little Bob Ross.  


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